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Kickstarting a vocabulary book to learn English better

Kickstarting a vocabulary book to learn English better

Each time we encounter a word we’re unsure of or haven’t seen before in a story book or textbook, we whip out our phones to look up its definition to make sure we understand what we’re reading. Has this occurred to you or your child before?

For local students who already have a good foundation in English, building a strong vocabulary can be challenging for some. A great way to kickstart a journey of improving your child’s vocabulary is through creating a vocabulary book.

What’s a vocabulary book?

These books help students to focus on understanding the meaning of words easily, along with their synonyms and antonyms to let them easily use these words in their conversations, work, and everything else.

Be it studying, preparing for exams, or working in the future, a good vocabulary book will help one out in all phases of life. It sounds intimidating, but it’s far from that. Here are some helpful tips for you to help your child improve and learn English better through their very own vocabulary book!

Choose the right words

Pick your preferred journal or notebook to embark on your first vocabulary book! When your child creates theirs, it's important to choose the right words to include. Rather than simply adding random words, focus on words that are relevant to your child's interests, hobbies, and subjects or specific topics.

For instance, if your child is interested in descriptive words, they could kick off their book by including words such as appalled or bashful. Include their synonyms too if there’s any. By choosing words that are meaningful to your child, they will be more motivated to learn them.

Include definitions and examples

In addition to the word itself, it's important to include definitions and examples in the vocabulary book. This will help your child understand the meaning of the words they jotted down and how they can be used in different contexts. You can also encourage your child to create their own sentences to solidify their understanding of the words.

Use visual aids

Visually-pleasing imagery can be a powerful tool for learning new words! Encourage your child to include pictures or drawings in their vocabulary book to help them remember the meaning of the word. For instance, if your child is learning the word exquisite, they could draw a picture of a beautifully decorated cake with the word written underneath.

Practice, practice, practice

Learning new words takes practice. Encourage your child to use the words they learn in their vocabulary book in their daily conversations and writing. They could even challenge themselves to use a certain number of new words each day. You could also play word games with your child, such as Scrabble that encourage the use of new words.

Review regularly

To ensure that the new words are retained in your child’s mind, it's important to review them regularly. Set aside time each week to review the words in the vocabulary book with your child. You could even create a quiz to test their knowledge of the words. By reviewing the words regularly, your child will be able to use them more confidently and effectively.

Make it fun

Learning new words doesn't have to be boring. Encourage your child to make their vocabulary book fun and colourful. They could use stickers, markers, or even create their own illustrations! You could also create a game out of learning new words, such as a crossword puzzle or word search.

Wrapping up

Building a strong English vocabulary is not always easy, but a vocabulary book can help to boost that for your child. Help them expand their vocabulary in a fun and engaging way - with enough time and practice, your child will become more confident and proficient in English, which can open up a world of opportunities in school and beyond!

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