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Why is Mathematics so important?

Why is Mathematics so important?

Teachers, parents, and the people around you must have said this at least once - Mathematics is extremely important! This is undoubtedly true as the knowledge of Mathematics is essential in our lives, be it inside or outside of school. Mathematics is vital for your child and every other student to master.

“But why?”, your curious child may wonder sometimes. Indeed, why is it essential to grasp mathematical concepts? After all, there are other subjects to study, too. With that, it doesn’t mean that your child should neglect other subjects and activities. However, a good knowledge of Mathematics is very useful in our daily lives. Here's why.

Studying Mathematics is a brain workout

Research by neuroscientists shows that studying Mathematics is healthy for your brain. It builds and stimulates thinking muscles, which in turn helps in all other areas of daily life. For instance, as Mathematics can make you more intelligent and logical, your child will be able to effectively solve problems and make better informed decisions.

Mathematics is a big part of the world around us

Your child may sometimes think that studying mathematical concepts is demotivating, and may also wonder how they will even come into good use in the future. Well, the world around us would be very different without Mathematics. It is a significant part of big things such as the Internet, video games, and more! By applying mathematical concepts, people have also been able to build the best transport systems, and monumental wonders of the world such as the pyramids in Egypt. That is how important Mathematics is.

Mathematics unleashes career opportunities

Does your child want to be a computer programmer, an engineer, an economist, or even an astronaut? A knowledge of Mathematics is vital for these and other careers. People in the world of science directly apply its principles. In business and finance, people find that it enhances their quality of work. Many rewarding possibilities await those with a strong foundation in Mathematics.

Mathematics helps us understand the world

As aforementioned, Mathematics is a big part of the world around us. Those who understand Mathematics can understand the world better in many ways. Albert Einstein’s theorems shine a light on the universe’s mysteries while the Fibonacci sequence helps us understand patterns of nature. A knowledge of pi can heighten our appreciation of music. These three examples are just a few of the many ways in which Mathematics can widen our knowledge and perspectives of the world around us.

Mathematics helps us with our finances

Once your child starts working and earning their own keep, they will further realise that Mathematics is essential in their lives. It helps them plan and organise their finances for a brighter future! However, this will no longer just be about addition or multiplication. More areas such as the knowledge of percentages, compound interest, charting the course of the stock exchange, and understanding financial products such as insurance and derivatives are some ways to help your child navigate confidently in society.

Mathematics boosts everyday skills

Mathematics is helpful in many day-to-day activities. For instance, we can swiftly estimate how to split the bill among friends at a restaurant, become a better cook by determining the right proportions of ingredients to use in dishes, or figure out travel times and distances! In these examples as well as many more ways, Mathematics helps to enhance our lives.

Mathematics teaches patience and discipline

Just like how Rome wasn’t built in a day, excelling in Mathematics doesn’t just happen in a matter of a few days. Mastering the subject requires consistency and sustained application. When your child continues to practise daily, they will grow and shine in Mathematics. If they can persevere and push through with the same attitude and mentality in all areas of their lives, they can excel in what they do, anytime and anywhere.

Mathematics shows the difference between theory and practice

In Mathematics, basic concepts and their applications are equally important. A strong foundation has to be built first before your child can understand the underlying core principles. Only then they can apply these principles to solve problems around them. By applying mathematical principles to other areas, it can lead to many life-changing innovations and discoveries. Who knows, your child could be the next great inventor in our world today!

Mathematics helps cope with change

The world around us is constantly changing. An appreciation of Mathematics can show us what remains constant, and what’s being transformed. Some mathematical relationships are constant, and others can vary according to circumstances. Knowing this can indicate how the present can transform into the future and how we can ride the change.

Whether it is about thinking better, preparing for tomorrow, getting a head start in your career, or simply understanding how the world works, it is Mathematics that helps with all of them. So, do encourage your child to understand the basics and practise them often, and all these advantages can be theirs.

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