Your personalised learning suite

genie smart
genie smart
  • Discover your child’s strengths

    Geniebook’s proprietary AI algorithm uses over 1M data points to identify topics that your child is strong in, or that they find challenging.

  • Receive personalised worksheets

    Leveraging analytics and over 300,000 questions, the AI generates personalised worksheets with question difficulty dynamically adjusting to your child’s mastery.

  • Get immediate feedback and rewards

    Our AI marks answers, grants Bubbles, and provides solutions with explanations for instant feedback.

genie class
genie class
  • The classroom experience, online

    Learn from experienced teachers in lively and engaging lessons. With experiments and demonstrations to help students understand key concepts, every GenieClass is bound to educate and delight.

  • Weekly live online classes

    Choose from our wide selection of English, Chinese, Mathematics, and Science classes across all supported levels to fit your child’s ideal study schedule.

  • Recorded classes available

    Can’t make time to join a live class? No problem. Catch up on missed classes by watching a recording from our video library.

genie ask
genie ask
  • Get help fast

    Stumped by a homework question or puzzling over a problem in a past-year paper? Chat with our teachers during operation hours and receive personal real-time assistance.

  • Expert teachers for all subjects

    Get help for any subscribed subject from our friendly and experienced GenieAsk teachers.

Learning Rewards
Learning Rewards
  • Be extra motivated to study

    An occasional nudge is always helpful. Rewards, like Bubbles or achievement badges are pegged to your child’s learning to keep them motivated.

  • Use Geniebook, get Bubbles

    Complete worksheets and participate in activities to get Bubbles, then redeem them for items on the Bubble Store.

  • Over 5,000 kid-safe items for redemption

    From toys and games, to books and digital coupons, there’s plenty of rewards to choose from at the Bubble Store.

Geniebook Parent App
parent app
Geniebook Parent App
  • A worksheet planner that’s smart and simple

    Assign AI-powered recommended worksheets at a tap. Parent-assigned worksheets are 30% more likely to be completed.

  • Academic strengths and weaknesses at a glance

    Helpful statistics and graphs offer periodic insights on worksheet progress, allowing you to track your child’s improvement over time.

  • See attendance history and class activities

    Set reminders on upcoming GenieClass lessons and stay informed about your child’s learning progress in real-time.

Small Group Tutorials
small group tutorials
Small Group Tutorials
  • Tiny classes, big impact

    A small student-to-teacher ratio for each class promises even closer mentoring and performance tracking.

  • Receive training for spoken Mandarin and written Chinese

    The freedom to use microphones and webcams allow for increased interaction and more opportunities to hone students’ oratorical skills.

  • Exclusively for Chinese subject subscribers

    As one of three unique features for Geniebook Chinese, Small Group Tutorials offer a whole new way to learn Chinese online.