Maximise your child’s improvement with personalisation

Accelerate your child’s academic progress with AI-personalised questions, live online classes, and teacher chats, plus learning rewards to keep them motivated.
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1 in 2 Geniebook students scored AL 1-3 for PSLE

Geniebook has consistently delivered results that demonstrate the effectiveness of personalised learning. In 2023, 1 in 2 of our students achieved an impressive AL 1 to AL 3 for their enrolled subjects, opening doors to their preferred secondary school.
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Go further
with AI
Geniebook’s proprietary AI recommender analyses each student’s learning habits and constructs an academic profile based on almost 1 million data points.

By learning from similar profiles in its database, our AI derives the most effective set of questions that will maximise your child’s improvement.
Ignite success
with our cutting-edge products
Geniebook's products seamlessly blend learning and academic improvement through live online lessons, real-time teacher chats, personalised AI worksheets, and learning rewards earned for participation.
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What parents & students are saying
“My girl enjoyed Geniebook’s P2 Chinese live online lessons. There were interactive quizzes and the teachers were very engaging. There are recorded classes available as well, and real-time chats with teachers to get students’ questions answered. Parents also have a separate app to get valuable insights and track their child’s progress.”
“As a working mum with three children, I don’t have much time to revise school work with my kids. I decided to try out Geniebook after seeing so many positive reviews about them. Hermione tried their Diagnostic Assessment, got full marks and enjoyed it so much! She was also able to learn more efficiently with the instant solutions.”
“We signed Yashash up for Geniebook so that he can level up his Maths.

It has live and recorded classes, AI-personalised worksheets and real-time chats for homework help, to give kids a complete revision plan.”
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