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Alternate ideas for conducive learning environments

Alternate ideas for conducive learning environments

Sometimes, children can find it challenging to study at home. Maybe it’s due to the lack of space, a particularly lively household with many sources of distraction, or the lack of suitable devices with a stable internet connection. Whatever the cause may be, your child will need to step out of the house to look for the ideal studying spot.

Fortunately, there’s no lack of conducive learning environments to be found in public if it’s just too difficult to concentrate at home. Here’s a few options worth considering!

Visit the library

The default go-to for many students when it comes to studying, libraries are an excellent alternative environment for quiet, conducive learning. Head on down to the nearest public library and one would find a generous study space furnished with desks and chairs – perfect for an afternoon of focus.

With that said, every public library in Singapore features a distinctive aesthetic and atmosphere. Does your child feel more motivated to study in a grand place of learning with books and knowledge all within arms’ reach? The National Library would be a good fit. Love cosy settings and music? The Library@Esplanade is right up their alley. And if you’re planning a nice day out after a spot of revision, the Library@Harbourfront would serve them well.

Study in food courts and cafes

One of the unique facets of Singaporean culture is the sight of students hogging seats at McDonalds and Starbucks everywhere during exam periods. Yes – despite the noise and distracting aroma of hot food, food courts and cafes can be fantastic places for studying, especially in groups. They are places where your child and their friends can freely discuss academic topics with each other, finish homework, or solve problems together.

The smart (and socially responsible) way to go about it is to be there during off-peak times, avoiding lunch and dinner peak hours. Not only will it be less noisy, the establishment staff will be much less likely to ask their study group to leave.

Explore other public spaces

Besides cafes and fast food restaurants, there are many more public places that can be used for studying outside. One great example is the numerous community centres scattered around Singapore – all perfectly willing to open up rooms for some quiet study.

Another immensely popular choice is Changi Airport itself. With vast swathes of empty areas to choose from, the airport has served as a massive study corner for generations of students over the years. And with the inception of Changi Jewel, the Changi Lounge is now available to use as the perfect place to study with friends. Just be sure to have your child reserve a slot before going.

And if those don’t work out, there’s always the option of heading back to school and doing their own self-study even outside of normal lessons. After all, studying is what school is meant for, isn’t it?

Rent a study hub

Study hubs are generally equipped with Wi-Fi, power sockets and study desks, with some even offering snacks and beverages on the side. Sounds like a great place to visit, but there’s a catch - these places charge a reservation fee to use.

To be fair, many such places are highly affordable even for students, and they offer loads of amenities depending on the price. If your child desires a study space that almost feels like home away from home, whether alone or with their friends, these are worthy of consideration.

Bonus: Go online with Geniebook

Given the wide availability and accessibility of the internet 24x7, the internet provides an effective way of learning for students. For example, a student with a connected device can be away from home yet connected to an online platform such as Geniebook. The depth of knowledge, the flexibility of pace and space to learn, and the AI-powered personalization facilitate effective learning. With such online environments, social interactions and networking at school can continue online as well, thus helping save time and effort.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, the internet has proved to be essential in allowing students to continue their education uninterrupted. Today, online learning has not only become widely accepted, it’s also becoming the norm.

The existence of online learning platforms such as Geniebook means that students are no longer confined to using just their textbooks and assessment books for study and revision. With just a mobile device or laptop on hand, a whole suite of tools from AI-personalised worksheets, live online lessons and real-time student/teacher chats are available for use, no matter where they might choose to study in.

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