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Dive into the holidays with fun outdoor activities!

Dive into the holidays with fun outdoor activities!

Your child’s long awaited June holidays are finally here! As four more weeks of school break roll around, there’s just so many things your child can do to keep themselves occupied, be it at home or the outdoors.

Though it’s the holidays, it doesn’t mean that students can’t continue to keep their minds active outside school settings - there are numerous ways for them to have fun and enjoy their time whilst learning valuable lessons. So let’s delve into some fun learning activities your child and you can do outdoors together!

What can my child do during the June holidays?

Improve languages through plays and museums

What comes to your mind when you see the word ‘play’? Probably the likes of the most popular plays such as Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, and Romeo & Juliet! Plays like these are more often than not riddled with the richest dialogues, expressions, and vocabularies. Not only does watching one allow your child to appreciate the arts and culture, but it also provides a platform for further language development. By attending plays, students can witness the power of storytelling, observe the nuances of character development, and improve their comprehension skills through exposure to different narratives.

For the more adventurous children, perhaps museums will be up their alley instead. Museums will give them a chance to explore the vast range of exhibits and artefacts, allowing them to immerse in history, culture, and creativity. As they read and interpret the information displayed, their language skills will be honed, enabling them to comprehend complex concepts and express their thoughts effectively. Furthermore, exposure to different art forms and cultural perspectives nurtures creativity and broadens their understanding of the world.

Some museums to consider bringing your child to are the ArtScience Museum, National Museum of Singapore, and Asian Civilisations Museum, amongst many others. The list goes on!

Can you break through escape rooms?

For children with a penchant for numbers and problem-solving, escape rooms can be an exciting and intellectually stimulating activity for them during the holidays. Escape rooms challenge players to decipher puzzles, crack codes, and solve mathematically inclined riddles within a designated time frame.

Your child can sharpen their logical thinking and analytical skills, as well as strengthen their ability to work collaboratively in a team. These activities often require players to apply mathematical concepts such as pattern recognition, logical reasoning, and spatial awareness. As your child unravels the mysteries within the escape rooms, they can develop a deeper appreciation for the practical application of mathematics in real-life scenarios!

Goodbye Jurong Bird Park, hello Bird Paradise!

For those of you that didn’t know, the local bird park is no longer called Jurong Bird Park, and it’s no longer located in Jurong. Science enthusiasts can say hello to the new Bird Paradise, now in close proximity to the Singapore Zoo and River Safari in Mandai, where it offers a captivating and educational experience!

This exciting park allows students to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of avian creatures, observe their behaviours, and learn more about their habitats and adaptations. By venturing into the realm of birds, your child can gain insights into various scientific disciplines, such as biology, ecology, and conservation!

The Bird Paradise provides an opportunity for your child to engage in hands-on learning experiences, which can significantly enhance their understanding of animals we see all the time on television or YouTube. Through direct observation, they can witness the intricate interactions between the birds and their environment, fostering a deeper appreciation for the complexities of ecosystems.

Additionally, the Bird Paradise also provides educational programs or guided tours, such as ‘Feed the Animals’ where your child can get up close with the adorable starlings, pelicans, and other birds to feed them, as well as ‘Wings of the World’ and ‘Predators on Wings’ where they can enjoy a bird talent show alongside their keepers! This will allow your child to interact with knowledgeable experts who can impart valuable insights and encourage further exploration of animal biology.

Wrapping up

Encourage your child to expand their horizons beyond the confines of the classroom, as each activity provides unique learning opportunities. Let the June holidays be a time for adventure, exploration, and discovery!

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