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A little help goes a long way: Introducing Geniebook Hints

A little help goes a long way: Introducing Geniebook Hints

Has your child ever approached you with a question that you don’t understand, let alone try to answer? It can be tempting to look for an easy solution online, but it’s much better if someone can guide your child through the steps to take.

That’s where our new Hints feature comes in.

What are Hints?

Hints assist students when they encounter difficult questions by providing guidance to help them better understand and attempt them. It utilises AI, particularly GPT-based AI, to offer personalised advice.

Starting from today, we'll be rolling out the ability to get Hints for all our subscribers progressively in several waves.

Note: Hints are only available on the student web and for users who purchased the add-on subscription. This feature is also currently limited to Singapore-based subscribers only.

How do Hints work with AI?

Hints utilise AI technology to analyse a question and provide contextual guidance. The AI generates helpful hints intended to break down the question into more manageable parts and offers nuggets of useful information to get students started on the question.

How can Hints help my child?

There are several benefits to using Geniebook’s curated Hints:

Strengthens foundations: By providing systematic guidance, Hints work towards solidifying a student’s understanding of specific concepts, ensuring that they continue to build a strong foundation.

Simplified problem-solving: Hints demystify intricate problems, transforming them into manageable, bite-sized segments. This in turn encourages students to attempt them instead of giving up right away.

Master exam strategies: Hints can also help teach students to identify crucial keywords and take effective notes, preparing them for future exams.

Ignite critical thinking: Geniebook’s curated hints do more than just provide answers; they activate students’ critical thinking skills and promote intellectual growth by encouraging them to deconstruct the problem and think deeper.

How are hints personalised for each student?

With the aid of AI-powered technology, Geniebook's Hints adapt to each student's proficiency in a specific topic. By analysing the student's history and past performance, hints are customised to suit their unique needs, guaranteeing relevant yet appropriately challenging assistance.

How do students access Hints?

Students can access Hints through GenieSmart worksheets as they attempt questions. The Hint button allows them to reach out for more help if they are stuck on a question.

How does the AI refine hints over time?

The AI continually learns and improves Hints based on students' feedback and interaction with them. It uses data from students’ responses to the hints to make them more effective and tailored to individual learning preferences.

What if students still need more help after receiving a hint?

Hints offer immediate assistance when a student is stuck on a question. For best effects however, it should be used in conjunction with teacher consultations. Simply use the Teacher Chat to contact a teacher for more help!

Can Hints be used in all subjects and worksheets?

Hints can be used in various subjects across different academic levels for all Singapore-based subjects. They are available in customised and revision worksheets, but are not available for timed worksheets, Diagnostic Assessments, Mock Exams, Placement Tests, and Starter Worksheets.

Are Hints a paid or free feature?

Hints are a premium, add-on feature that requires an additional fee of S$15/month on top of the regular Geniebook subscription. Subscribers may purchase Hints by going to the Settings > Subscription page on the student web platform and tapping on the Purchase button.

At this time, access to Hints is only available for Singapore-based subscribers.

Are there any limitations to the number of hints used per worksheet?

There are no limits to using hints as they are designed to facilitate learning as well as help students better understand and solve problems. However, students should use hints as a means to learn and progress, not as a way to avoid learning or putting in effort.

We’re excited to see how Hints will further accelerate your child’s learning. Try the trial version today, or get unlimited hints by purchasing it in the student's Subscription page. You may also reach out for assistance at our Contact Us page. Here's to more improvements to come!

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