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Need to stay sharp without mid-years? Try Geniebook's Mock Exams

Need to stay sharp without mid-years? Try Geniebook's Mock Exams

Mid-year exams are now a thing of the past. As announced by Singapore’s Ministry of Education previously, schools in Singapore will no longer have mid-year exams for primary and secondary students from 2023 onwards.

While the abolishment of the exams are done to allow students more freedom in their education, it’s no surprise that parents such as yourself will be inclined to find alternative assessment methods, whether to help their children keep track of their performance or as a way to maintain their subject mastery.

Thankfully, Geniebook has just the thing to address these concerns.

Announcing the Geniebook Mock Exams

Created to give students and parents peace of mind, the 2023 Geniebook Mock Exams are timed online exams that aim to help students better prepare themselves for their upcoming major papers. These exams will take place on the first week of September 2023 and are open to both existing Geniebook subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

Although the Geniebook Mock Exams are conducted online for convenience, rest assured that much care will be taken in order to accurately emulate an exam environment.

What’s in the mock exams?

The contents of Geniebook’s Mock Exams are carefully designed by our experienced teachers, comprising new questions skilfully crafted and curated to assess exam readiness. Each mock exam paper will also be timed to simulate real exam durations, so that your child can better prepare for their upcoming major exams.

Want to know what exactly will be tested in the Mock Exams? There’s too much to list within this article, but you can view the details about examinable components and topics here.

Also, if you're curious about the date and time of each specfic paper, you can check out the Mock Exams schedule here.

Post mock exams: what to expect

Once your child has completed a mock exam, our teachers will mark their answers and calculate their final scores, after which we will send you a data-driven personalised report based on your child’s mock exam performance. The details contained in this report are aimed at helping you understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing the opportunity to adjust their focus towards the more challenging topics in subsequent revisions.

Besides the online mock exams, Geniebook is also organising a series of post-exam webinars that will be available in English, Chinese, Maths, and Science for P4, P5, S1, and S2 students*. During these live webinars, our teachers will review key questions from the exam, common mistakes made by students, and also share useful tips and strategies to help your child ace their next major exam.

While webinar access is only complimentary for current Geniebook subscribers, non-subscribers may reserve a webinar slot at a price of $25 per subject.

 NOTE:  English and Chinese exams/webinars available for P4 and P5 students only.

Take part in the Geniebook Mock Exams

Does securing a suitable alternative to the mid-year exams sound good to you? Feel free to register your interest by 31 August 2023 to reserve your child’s slot for the 2023 Geniebook Mock Exams!

For more information, you can reach out to our support team via call at 6909 9598, or email us at

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